“Galas”. Theater Review.

Robert Massimi. It was good seeing Everett Quinton playing in a role that Charles Ludlam wrote. In the 70's and 80's, the two ran The Ridiculous Theater Company. Many great plays were put on at various theaters, the company ended up at 1 Sheridan Square theater. Quinton went

“Last Man Club”

Robert Massimi. Very similar to a Sam Shepard play, "Last Man Club" is a gritty play that is also reminiscent of a Twilight Zone episode. Set in a dust bowl, a family stuggles with a deep drought. Desperate to have rain, they will believe it will come, even if it

“Frankie and Johnny in the CLAIR de LUNE”

Robert Massimi. "Frankie and Johnny" at the Broadhurst theater is an action filled play with many laughs and much sorrow. We meet both characters in the middle of sex. After the love making, both want different things. Johnny ,(Michael Shannon) wants love, while Frankie (Audra McDonald) wants him to

Polanski Has New Movie .

Robert Massimi. Many movies coming to Venice. The buzz is Roman Polanski 's movie about a one time spy... or was he? Read Below: Roman Polanski’s Epic Dreyfus Affair Movie “An Officer and a Spy” Set to Rock Venice Film Festival All eyes in the film world are starting to look

Hillary and Clinton To Close Early.

Robert Massimi. Scott Rudin has three shows closing early....Hillary and Clinton, King Lear and Gary. Even with big stars like Nathan Lane, John Lithgow and Glenda Jackson, these shows were just not pulling in the box office results. Rudin has done well woth To Kill A Mockingbird, in fact it

Entertaining Things To See and Watch.

Robert Massimi. On Netflix there are some great things to watch...Rolling Thunder Review, a documentary about Bob Dylan and Company travelling the US and Canada. The documentary gives insight into a normally elusive Bob Dylan. The documentary has interviews with Sharon Stone, Allen Ginsberg, the producers, Joan Baez,

Howard Jones. Concert Review.

Robert Massimi. What was a terrific evening on all accounts, "All Hail The Silence", "Men Without Hats" and "Howard Jones " were all sensational last night at The playstation Theater in New York City's Time Square. "All Hail The Silence " was first up, a techno two person band that

PUBLIC SERVANT. Theater Review.

Robert Massimi. "Public Servant " At The Clurman on Theater Row is produced by Theater Breaking Through Barriers. TBTB was formed in 1979 and is dedicated to advancing work of writers, directors, performers , designers, technicians and administrators with disabilities. In its 40th year, TBTB began as a Theater

Bob Seger. Farewell Tour.

Robert Massimi    As we start to lose our Rock and Roll heroes, last night at the PNC Arts Center, we said good bye to a true rock legend.  Robert Clark Seger, from the Detroit, Michigan area has been around Rock and Roll since the early 60's. I personally have never seen

Poe Festival

Robert Massimi.   One of the darkest, most mysterious writers ever was Edgar Allen Poe. His influence on people like Charles Baudelaire and Ezra Pound were prolific.  Poe is a one of a kind writer in poetry, short stories and essays.   As deep and dark as his life, Poe went on to be