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The Penal Colony.

The Penal Colony. - Vocal StoriesStatsWalletCreate StoryHomeNews + PoliticsSportsArts + EntertainmentFood + DrinkBusiness + EducationLifestyleHealth + WellnessScience + TechHome + TravelLove + RelationshipsCultureAll TopicsYou are previewing a story that

The Girl With The Red Hair.

'The Girl With The Red Hair' | Geeks ExploreVocal+ S 'The Girl With The Red Hair' by robert massimi 2 days ago in entertainment From Suicide To Over Medicating. Robert Massimi. From the time you enter the

Illuminati Lizards From Outer Space.

'Illuminati Lizards From Outer Space' | Geeks ExploreVocal+ StoriesStatsWalletCreate StoryHomemovielistreviewpop culturecomicscelebritiestvsuperheroesentertainmentvintagecosplayfact or fictionhow tozombiesAll TagsGeeks is powered by Vocal creators. You support robert massimi by reading, sharing and tipping stories... more Geeks is

The Comedian’s Tragedy

Robert Massimi.   The really great thing about off of Broadway is that you never know when you will come across what I call a hidden gem. In a well directed play that takes place in ancient Greece, we are given a story about a boy who lost himself for a period

Liberace Musical Coming To Broadway.

Robert Massimi. Broadway: Liberace Musical Based on HBO Movie “Behind the Candelabra” Finally on the Way, Producers Want Bradley Cooper ■Theater by Roger Friedman - June 29, 2019 12:01 pm0 1448 Liberace and his glittering pianos are finally on track for Broadway. For the last couple of years, movie producer David Permut–who just produced the all-star Mueller Report

Theater Review. “Rock of Ages”

Robert Massimi.   After a long run on Broadway, "Rock of Ages returns to the New World Stages. If you love rock comedies with a lot of humor then "Rock of Ages" is for you.  The show is a typical boy meets girl, boy loses girl then gets her back, however, everything in

5 Events For 25 Dollars or Less.

Robert Massimi. The Comedians Tragedy at Theater For The New City. A new play that blens romance, tragedy and comedy. Bill Mc Callum directs a cast of eleven. Ice Factory Festival at The New Ohio Theatre. Seven shows in the festival's 26th edition. Each production runs a

Ensemble Studio Theatre’s One-Act Plays.

Robert Massimi. The Ensemble Studio Theatre (EST), has been putting on one act plays since 1977. Inspired by the likes of Tennessee Williams and Eugene O'Neill, new and established writers are brought together on one stage. A favorite of both audiences and actors alike, EST has three series this year.

“Galas”. Theater Review.

Robert Massimi. It was good seeing Everett Quinton playing in a role that Charles Ludlam wrote. In the 70's and 80's, the two ran The Ridiculous Theater Company. Many great plays were put on at various theaters, the company ended up at 1 Sheridan Square theater. Quinton went

“Last Man Club”

Robert Massimi. Very similar to a Sam Shepard play, "Last Man Club" is a gritty play that is also reminiscent of a Twilight Zone episode. Set in a dust bowl, a family stuggles with a deep drought. Desperate to have rain, they will believe it will come, even if it